Escuro Studios produces music videos, commercials, campaigns, branded content, television series, and feature films. We are accomplished in producing content from the conceptualization of an idea through to the edited final cut. Alternatively, we are experienced at onboarding with innovative solutions at any point within the production process.


Pre-production is the phase of production where the project is planned and prepared. This includes the development of the project’s budget, scheduling, and logistics. It is also the phase where the project’s creative team is assembled, and the project’s creative concept is developed.



Production Budgets

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Escuro provides some of the best on-set technicians globally. We partner with Directors who are recognized as being unrivalled in the upcoming generation of storytellers. We assiduously execute logistics and scheduling to guarantee an efficient and effective set and filming process. Our productions are equipped with the latest and highest quality technology and gear available in the entertainment industry.

Location Management


Collaborative On-Set Coordination

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Escuro handles all stages of post-production. From sound, VFX and colour grading, to the final delivery, our skilled post-production team prides itself in the timely curation of a polished final cut.

Video Editing

Colour Correction


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